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Memorial Service


In the Orthodox tradition there is a set time for the commemoration of the departed.

Our Church reminds us constantly that the memory of those who have departed from this life is eternal, and this is why we chant so often “Aionia i mnimi”, but at the same time we observe the 9 days or the 40 days commemoration periods for the spiritual significance that this set period represents for us.

The 9th day represents the 8th day of our Lord’s resurrection plus one additional day for the new life of the newly departed.

The 40 days of our exit from this world are as symbolic as the blessing that we receive on the 40th day of our entry into the world, 40 days after our birth. The number 40 also alludes to Pascha, that is, to a “passage” from one stage of life to another, similar to the 40 years that the Hebrews spent wandering in the desert before they entered the Promised land. As Christians we understand the Promised land to be the Kingdom of God.

It is also common for mnimosyna to take place 6 months, one year, and three years after the passing of the departed.

In God and His Church there is no division between the living and the departed, but all are one in the love of the Father. Whether we are alive or whether we are dead, as members of the Church we still belong to the same family, and still have a duty to bear one another’s burdens. Therefore, just as Orthodox Christians here on earth we pray for one another, and ask for one another’s prayers, so we pray also for the faithful departed, and ask the faithful departed to pray for us. Death cannot sever the bond of mutual love which links the members of the Church together.

Memorials are also chanted on the two Saturdays before the beginning of Great Lent, the first Saturday of Great Lent, and on the Saturday before the Sunday of Pentecost. These particular Saturdays, called Saturdays of the Soul or Psychosavata, are set aside for the commemoration of all departed Orthodox Christians, and their salvation.

According to the practice of the Orthodox Church memorial services are not held during Great Feast days, such as the Dormition of Theotokos, Annunciation, the period from Lazarus Saturday to Thomas Sunday, Christmas, 1st of January, Theophany, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Transfiguration and the Elevation of the Holy Cross.

Please feel free to discuss the subject with your parish priest in order to familiarize yourself with the meaning of the commemoration periods in which Mnimosyna services are held.

Prayers for the soul of the Departed   and Trisagion Services

To avoid misunderstandings please read and follow the instructions below. Late submission of request (notes) of Prayers, may not be able to be done by the priest on that day. Instructions in the notes with names inside the envelopes and outside the envelope must clearly specify the type of Prayer:

  • Υπέρ Αναπαύσεως (Prayer for the Departed)
  • Τρισάγιον με Κόλυβα η χωρίς Κόλυβα (Trisagion with or without Koliva , as applicable)
  • Μνημόσυνο

Prayers for the soul of the departed persons (Υπέρ Αναπαύσεως) and for Trsagion with no Kolyva are read by the Priest during the Holy Communion preparation. Persons who wish to have a Prayer Υπέρ Αναπαύσεως and Trisagion without Kolyva, must bring a note with the names of the departed persons, inside an envelope, which should be brought to the church before 10 AM. Mark on the note and outside on the envelope: Υπέρ Αναπαύσεως (Yper Anapauseos) or Trisagion with no Kolyva

Trisagion with Kolyva  and Memorial Prayers are taking place every Sunday at the end of the Divine Liturgy.

Persons who wish have a Trisagion with Kolyva Prayer must bring a note with the names of the departed person, inside an envelope, that should be brought to the church before 10 AM. Mark on the note and on the outside of the envelope: Trisagion with Koliva.


Memorial Service Fees

There is a fee charged by our Community for these services. The following fees linked to memorial services have been established by the Community and they are intended to keep our Community operational.

Memorial service on Saturday morning or Sunday following the Divine Liturgy $50

Church Hall rental for the traditional offering of coffee and brandy following the Memorial Service $100

Donation to the Philoptochos Ladies Association for preparing the service and setting up the tables at the Church Hall $200

Do not forget your offering to the chanter and the sexton for their labor.

What is required for the Traditional Coffee after the Memorial Service

Below is a list of items that are required for the church service.

  1. Ένα πρόσφορο (ζυμωτό το οποίο φέρει σφραγίδα προσφόρου)
  2. Έναν δίσκο με κόλλυβα και ατομικές συσκευασίες για το μοίρασμα
  3. Ένα μπουκάλι λάδι για τα καντήλια του ναού
  4. Ένα μπουκάλι Νάμα Βυζαντινό (η κατι παρόμοιο) για τη Θεία Κοινωνία
  5. Τρεις εκκλησιαστικές λαμπάδες για την Αγία τράπεζα και το τραπέζι του μνημοσύνου
  6. Ένα πακέτο καρβουνάκια
  7. Ένα πακέτο θυμίαμα
  8. Την εικόνα του εκλιπόντα προαιρετικά
  9. Διακριτικό στολισμό του τραπεζιού
  10. Κεράσματα για μετά το μνημόσυνο

People offering coffee must also purchase the coffee, the brandy and the sugar, calculated at 1 pound of coffee, half pound of sugar and one bottle of brandy per 25 servings. If cheese is brought, it must be cut to small individual portions with quantity according to expected attendants of the family that holds the Memorial Service. Wine Item 4 is a sweet type of wine. (Item 5 is optional)..

Important Note 

For Memorial Services Prayer for the departed with koliva (40-day, 3-monh, 6-month, year, etc), please contact the Office (514-684-6462), at least two weeks before. The relative  must bring the koliva and a note with the names of the departed person, inside an envelope, that must be brought to the church before 9 AM, the day of the Memorial Service.  Mark on the note and on the outside of the envelope 40-Day, 3-Month, 6-Month, Year (as applicable) Memorial/Mνημόσυνο, on the note and on the outside of the envelope.

To avoid spilling of koliva on the church carpets and floor, please bring koliva in individual containers and a small tray of Koliva.