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Activities, Events

PHILOPTOCHOS OF Saints Constantine and Helen Parish Greek Orthodox Community of West Island


The Philoptochos of West Island Greek Orthodox Saints Constantine and Helen parish holds annual events to support the following activities of the Metropolis:

Vasilopita (January)

With the funds collected from Vasilopita Philoptochos supports all the programs of our Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, such as the Hospital, Old Age Home and Orphanage in Constantinople.

Orthodox Voice (February)

Philoptochos supports His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios’ television program, “Orthodox Voice.” The half hour weekly program, is for our elderly, the sick, and is the only life line to our religion, customs, and language for our brothers and sisters from the far northern cities and towns of Canada.

Eranos Tis Agapis (During Great Lent)

The income from Eranos Tis Agapis is used to financially help our people in need. 50% of the funds are used locally and 50% are used at the Metropolis level.

Missions (May)

The basic scope of this obligation is to support any program or effort that promotes and preserves Orthodoxy in Canada, to subsidize Missionary Priests, and to provide financial aid to students of our Theological Academy who are in need.

Theological Academy (September)

The Elevation of the Holy Cross on September 14th has been established as the date during which all the Philoptochos Chapters of Canada take out a tray in Church in support of our Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy. The support of Philoptochos is vital in order to keep this institution live and vibrant as the need for priests is great!

Ecumenical Patriarchate (November)

With this traditional obligation Philoptochos supports the needs and the institutions of our Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. Special prayers take place for the health of our Ecumenical Patriarch, our Holy Synod and all our Orthodox brothers and sisters who are still living in Constantinople. The Phanar is preserving our Orthodox Faith and the Greek Orthodox women, always remember their roots and their deep gratitude to the Phanar.

For the same cause, the Philoptochos Chapters of Montreal support the offices of the Shield of Athena Social Services and their Women’s Shelter with yearly donations.


Our Philoptochos also is involved with local Church and Community activities:

  • Supports the religious services of the church with flower and decorations, as well as, religious objects that are needed for the functioning of the church services.
  • Philoptochos plays a leading part in all our cultural functions and activities and helps to preserve our Greek culture and faith in Christ.
  • Supports families in need of financial aid. Special food packages are prepared and distributed during the Christmas and Easter Holidays.
  • The Philoptochos Ladies regularly visit the hospitals in our community and provide our sick with material and moral support.
  • Supports local Montreal institutions for our seniors, Hospitals and Organizations. Philoptochos provides financial support to our sick in need.
  • Supports the needs of our Greek and Sunday Schools as well as any program or event to promote and preserve our Greek language.
  • The Philoptochos holds fundraising lunches on Sundays after the church service to fund various renovation church renovation projects.

The Philoptochos also provides coffee and refreshments after funeral and memorial services.