Corporate Sponsors

Dear Corporate Sponsors

The mission of the Greek Orthodox Community of the West Island has been, over the years, to serve the residents of the West Island. Gradually, although the number of its members has increased, the Community facilities had remained unchanged until 2012.

We lacked a safe, covered access to the church, an access for the handicapped, an elevator to service the needs of our senior members; proper office facilities; meeting spaces for the youth, young families and Sunday school.

We also required a practical and safe driveway around the church building, additional parking space, allocated parking spaces for vehicles of person with special needs.

These are just but a few of the physical needs that we had to resolve.

As a responsible Community council we undertook the Renovation and Expansion project in Summer 2012. The project was completed in April 2013.

Renovating and adding the required space to the present structure certainly has the desired effect of providing enriching experiences across the generations.

The Parking renovation and expansion was completed in 2014. After a severe basement flood, the basement hall, the kitchen, the bathrooms and storage areas were renovated and upgraded in 2014 and 2015

The community support from individuals and corporate sponsors covered at least 75% of the renovation and expansion costs. The Balance of the required funds were obtained through a Mortgage Loan, which loan we need to pay-off within the next 7 years

Our objective is, therefore, to channel all efforts to raise the remaining funds to pay-off this loan. Thus, your financial contribution and support in finding ways to realize this objective would certainly prove invaluable!

On behalf of the Executive, and of all the active members, we thank you for considering a donation for this purpose, which we believe will make a significant difference in the realization of this worthwhile project.