Trisagion and Mnimosyno

Trisagion and Mnimosyno with kollyva are taking place with limited number of present relatives, depending on the number of Mnimosyna taking place on same day. The Church persons capacity is now about 120-150 persons. 

Mnimosyna with no more than 30 attending relatives can take place normally at the end of the divine liturgy. Please contact the Church office (514-684-6462)

Mnimosyna with more than 30 persons attending and up to 70 can be arranged with Father Lambros to take place after the divine liturgy is finished and the parishioners inside the church have exited.

It is important that the next of kin who attend the service should be limited and be sure to arrive before the church is filled to capacity (By 9 am).

Persons in the same family/house hold can sit together, but the next person must be at a safe distance. All persons must ware a mask at all times. 

Once the church capacity of 120-150 persons is reached no-one else can enter and stay in the church. Persons can enter to light a candle and leave.

No kollyva may be distributed to parishioners in church. You must take the tray of kollyva to your home. Kolyva can brought on trays the usual way or in prepared plastic bags.

In case that you cannot attend, for a minimal donation of $50, we will light up a Kandili  ($10) for the departed and Father Lambros will conduct the Trisagio or Mnimosyno service at the end of the divine liturgy. Or you can write the names of the departed in a note, place it in an envelope and place the envelope in the church mailbox or give it to one of the persons at the church on Sunday morning.

At the same time, your donation offering will help sustain the church and its operation during this unprecedented pandemic period.

This initiative is running at the same time as our other initiatives {light a candle (for $10) and give us the names of your Living or the Departed, or make a general donation} and all initiatives have to be processed separately.

By pressing the link Donate below, when you make your donation, and after choosing PayPal or Credit Card payment, under the amount, ( in the Add Note to GOCWI section), please  provide the name or names  for the Trisagion or Mnimosyno service.

If you prefer using conventional p0stal service you may  send your donation by issuing a check to the Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

If you encounter a problem communicate with us via email: helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca