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Our Goal

Religious education is both a privilege and a necessity within the life of our Holy Orthodox Church. It is a privilege in that it involves instruction in the doctrines of our saving Orthodox Christian faith. It is a necessity because it helps develop a strong foundation so that our children are able to make the right choices in today’s highly complex world.

As a Church family, we realize that the gift of Orthodoxy is a way of life that we must preserve and impart to the young people of our parish. We are called to express our identity as Orthodox Christians by practicing a God-fearing and pious life. We must maintain our faith that offers 2000 years of worship, wisdom, experience and witness. This is the faith given to us by Christ our Savior, not one devised by man.

Our Saints Constantin and Helen Parish Sunday School program nurtures our most precious resource, our youth. Children raised in this program are taught the spiritual values of Greek Orthodoxy and the rich customs and traditions of the Greek culture. The Sunday School goals are:

  • To educate our children spiritually and morally, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the faith and traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church
  • To develop in our children the habit of attending church regularly, studying the Scriptures, and participating conscientiously in the worship and sacramental life of our church
  • To cultivate in our children a Greek Orthodox conscience and devotion to our ideals and to prepare them so that they become faithful and devoted dynamic members of our church, our community, and our country


Given that children may be of different ages in their classes at school, the Sunday School has grouped its children according to age to maintain continuity across groups. The minimum enrollment age is 4 years old and runs through age 16.

Sunday School Teachers

Our Sunday School is led by our Presbytera Christina, along with Mrs. Dorothy Nikolaou, Maria Karamitos and Diamando Matheou.


The Sunday School term runs from the third Sunday of October and extends through the third Sunday in May.


Students are required to be in the church building by 10:00 a.m. and remain until about 11:00 am. Then they attend part of the Divine Liturgy and have communion.


There is no registration fee to attend the Sunday School. However, parents are encouraged to make offerings. The collected donations help pay for our books, handouts, visual aids and other school supplies.


Sunday School classes are held at the Church Basement every Sunday between 10 and 11:15 AM


The Cathedral’s Sunday School curriculum is tailored to meet children’s spiritual needs across various ages.

For the younger children, the curriculum tends to focus on the child’s individual needs and deals with Christianity in general terms. The curriculum flexes to the children’s interests and desires making the learning process enjoyable and fun.

For the older children, the curriculum becomes more systematic, but drives the students to voice their own thoughts and opinions. The subject matter is primarily centered on the religious traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church, but will frequently apply religious learning to real-world situations and events.

The goal for our older children is to help them apply the fundamentals of Christianity in their life journey and everyday interactions.

Dialogue with our Father Lambros

In our parish priest Father Lambros’ words, one of his greatest joys in doing God’s work in our community is witnessing the involvement of parents and children in the life of the Church. How blessed are we when we gather every Sunday around the Eucharistic table of our Lord, grandparents, parents and children, and we all partake of the Divine food that He is offering to us, uniting us all to His Body and life.

Our life in the Church involves constant learning and knowledge, and this is what is making us grow in our faith. Sundays School brings this knowledge to our children, and makes them aware of the values and unique lessons of our tradition, coming to us through the Gospel readings, the sermons, the chants, the examples offered to us by the lives of the saints, the meaning of the icons. This is what constitutes the elements of our tradition, and the more we learn about it the more we love it.

You are invited to address to Father Lambros any question that has to do with our faith, beliefs and customs, and he will try to come up with the a proper answer.

Please e-mail your questions or comments to Father Lambros at: fr.kamperidis@sympatico.ca