How to Qualify

Any person, eighteen years of age or over, who was baptized according to the rites of the Church, or was received into the Church through Chrismation, who lives according to the faith and canons of the Church, who has met his or her steward­ship obligation (part of which is to meet his or her financial obligation to the Community) and abides by the regulations herein and the by-laws of the Community, can be a member in good standing of the Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

The non-Orthodox spouses of members in good standing of the Community may, if they wish, can become Associate members of the Community (by meeting their stewardship obligations) with all of the privileges of Members in good standing except voting, holding elected office, and partaking of the sacraments.

The religious, moral and social duties of parishioners are:

  • Apply the teachings of the Orthodox Faith to their daily lives and activities.
  • To seek personal spiritual growth and attend the Holy Liturgy and other worship services faithfully.
  • Keep the traditions and the rules of our faith
  • Participate regularly in the sacramental life of the Church (have communion)
  • To train and teach the young according to the faith of Orthodoxy
  • To respect the clergy, the ecclesiastical authority, and all governing bodies of the Church and to be obedient in matters of faith and ecclesiastical order.
  • Actively work to further the goals of the parish in the fulfillment of the Community welfare, prosperity and the success of its Church’s sacred mission.

A person qualifying for membership in good standing as above and wishing to be a member of more than one Community is obligated to pay his or her financial obligations to its Community.

Support our efforts

Be an active member of our Community and live a life that matters..

    • In our life what matters…
  • Is not what we acquired but what we built
  • Is not what we received, but what we gave
  • Is not what we learned, but the values that we taught

Supporting Membership

All persons eighteen years of age or over who qualify for membership as described above, may also be supporting members of this parish. Supporting members are those who participate in the financial support of the Church by making and fulfilling an annual pledge for the Community, the Church needs and Church expansion project.

All parishioners may participate in the sacraments and rites of the Church in this parish. Participation in the sacraments is an expression of the life and faith of an Orthodox Christian. Parishioners who request Baptisms, Weddings and other services in this parish, must, therefore, be active and consistent pledge members of this parish.

Membership Fees

The membership fees structure is under review by the Community Council. Membership fee helps maintain the community and its many expenses including the church decorations, utilities, repairs and operation expenses etc.

The present fee is $100 per member and $200 per family (with children 18-21 y/o)

The membership period is Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

ONLINE Membership Application and Membership Payment

Please choose from the member plan best suited to you.

100$ for Individual / Ατομική

200$ for Family / Parents & Children of age 18-21


Membership Mail Back form

Please download and fill the Membership Form below and mail it back to the address indicated in the form along with a check for the membership fee. One form per person or per family is required.

Click to download the Membership Form (PDF)

Community Regulations

Uniform Community Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) under the Canonical Jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The Uniform Community Regulations in English PDF