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Church Office Hours: Mon-Thu 10 am to 5 pm, Friday 10 am to 1 pm.

Church is open during Office hours and on days and time when there is a Divine Liturgy or Service.

Our Building


Our Community site including our Church is located at 20 Brunswick, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, (at the corner of Brunswick Boulevard and Spring Garden Street).

The site lot is approximately 80,000 Square feet. The church building occupies about 15% of the lot area, while 25% of the remaining lot is paved and used as parking.

The church building complex that was built in 1984 was of a simple, basic design consisting of an elevated basilica-style church and a semi-basement reception area. At that time, the needs of the Greek community of the West Island were commensurate with those of the population that had recently begun to settle in the area.

The generous donations and support of the prominent benefactors and donors of the West Island Community have made our Church the pride of our Community.

The church interior has been continuously been upgraded, with Hagiographies, Icon stands, offices and amenities making every part of the building functional for the intended purpose.

A major renovation and expansion took place in 2012 and it was completed in 2013. The community support was overwhelming and it was possible to complete this work without interrupting the church services. The renovation and expansion plan included the covering of the exterior stairs, expanding the church by about 40 feet, creating offices for the secretary and priest, a board and welcome room, a young mother’s room, storage facility, elevator lift for wheelchair access, renovating all bathrooms and adding a bathroom with wheelchair access.

The renovation and expansion church building architecture by the prominent Architect Mr. Stavros Lagopoulos, and the construction execution by Zetacon Construction made our Church the pride of the Greek Community of West Island.

The parking area that had been damaged during the constructions was repaired and extended in 2014. A driveway around the church building was added to facilitate the traffic  and to ease the access in and out of the parking area.  The new parking capacity is 90 cars plus three (3) handicap designated places. The parking re-work brought to our attention a major main storm water drain problem that had to be repaired. The damaged main storm drain connection to the city main drain, caused severe flooding in the church basement by the underground water.

In 2015 the roof asphalt singles were replaced, the church exterior and parking lighting was upgraded, as well the landscaping and flower beds.

The basement area, damaged by the flooding was repaired and renovated in 2015. The renovation included, floors, walls and ceiling as well as the kitchen area. The old kitchen area was completely renovated with funds provided by the insurance and our Philoptochos.

The basement includes a reception hall area for about 250 persons a kitchen area, storage areas and bathroom facilities.  The basement renovation and upgrade made the basement more functional to be used as a community gathering hall and as a reception hall for community and ecclesiastical events.

The basement storage area floor and the basement air conditioning was completed in spring 2017 with funds provided by our Community parishioners and the Philoptochos Ladies.

The Philoptochos uses the basement hall to hold fundraising lunches on Sundays after the church service to fund various renovation church renovation projects and also provides coffee and refreshments after funeral and memorial services.

The basement hall is used (rented) for other events like: Political Party meetings, other local community meeting or gatherings, private gatherings/parties, private exercise groups,  etc.

The parking area can accommodate about 80 cars while on special days 50 additional parking spaces can be accommodated on the grass area of the Community grounds.