President’s Message-Jan 1st 2021

My dear parishioners and friends,

The beginning of the year like the beginning of time is the beginning of the creation of the world by God. And that time was eternal, since God the Creator created the world and man to live eternally with Him, as long as, people would like to stay with Him, in-keeping with His command.

In 2020, humanity was faced with a pandemic that has no precedent in the 21st century, while at the same time there was no shortage of international crises and social unrest.

2020 was not only the year of the new coronavirus.

It was not just the year of rapid political developments in America

It was not just the year marked by the struggle for supremacy, control and calm in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It was a year that has already completely affected our daily lives, our lives and our future.

It was the year that determined the fate of the strong and the fate of the weak.

2020 will be etched in the memory of all of us.

It was the year that fundamentally challenged years of established certainty about what is safe and sound in all areas of our lives.

It was the year we realized that not everything is a given. Our Life can change from one moment to the next.

Societies are shaken and mourned. The thousands of victims of the virus are our saddest record. Silence and loneliness, which not only burden our loved ones, but collectively traumatize our people who honor the human value and sanctity of life.

We have been living for many months with unprecedented limitations. Many of our plans were thwarted and fear took over our spontaneity and sociability. We are not able to get close or hug our loved ones. Family, work, education, fun, and even our simplest habits have been profoundly affected.

A pandemic can immobilize everything. Doctors and nurses became our angels, the Good Samaritans and the soldiers who protect us from an invisible enemy.

In the 2021 new year, we should all wish and pray for a healthy life adapted to new data, with new regulations, obligations, new challenges, and new opportunities.

A new year where Humanity will be the priority. Whether it is our family, our loved ones, our partners, our neighbor, and the world humanity.

In these difficult times we will need love, devotion, and respect not only for our neighbor, but also for our distant fellow human beings who live the same and worse conditions that we all would like to live.

“Love one another” has always been the motto of Christianity and Orthodoxy. “Love one another” is now the motto of humanity.

Respect everyone around us and protect the elderly, our community, our environment and nature.

I can not wish for a new year without difficulties and challenges, as such a thing would be not only deceptive or a lie, but also impossible.

We need optimism, faith in our strengths, systematic work around the new conditions that affect the individual, business and environmental viability.

My wish has to do with the awakening of those who have the power to improve our quality of life by protecting our environment, improving health and educational services, and strengthening the local and regional market will certainly boost our psychology and help our survival.

In the unprecedented financial disaster that we are experiencing, we must support our neighbor.

There is no room for lone wolves who think they can do it alone. Only with the cooperation and contribution of all of us will we build a strong and sustainable future.

We have reached a new year with new dreams, new hopes, and happy expectations. But for that to happen, we must be with Christ, with His will, and in His Church. Without Coronavirus, without other diseases, without wars, without conflicts, without hostilities. We must all be filled with love, peace, health, family joy and prosperity.

The coronavirus vaccine is “the passport to our freedom” and “vaccination is an act of self-respect and of the society as a whole”.

I wish you all the best for 2021

Costas Calogeropoulos


Greek Orthodox Community of West Island of Montreal