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Place your Saint Icon with your name on a Church pew

Dear parishioners,

Given the government restrictions regarding public gatherings, we continue to not be able to congregate and pray with our liturgical services in the life of our Community.

There is nothing sadder than viewing the seats of our beautiful church empty of the beloved faces of our fellow parishioners.

You may play your part in filling these empty spaces in the pews, with a 5.5” x 8.0”  icon that you may order by offering a donation that will help our church adapt to these difficult conditions that the pandemic has caused to our existence as a vibrant place of worship.

You may order the Saint of your choice, be it the Saint after whom you are named, Saints Constantine and Helen, or the Saint to whom you address your prayerful petitions. A label with your name or names will be attached to the back of each icon. We will place the icon with your name on it at the pews.

You may also derive a spiritual benefit from this prayerful initiative, by knowing that you have placed your prayers for your beloved ones in the Church, on the name of the Saints to whom you address your prayers.

Please indicate the choice of your Saint to be placed on the pew and fill the request while using Paypal.

We must order the icons as soon as possible. Please let us know your request by submitting the information using the “Donate” icon below including your $ 40.00 donation to the Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

Click on Picture Donate below.

By pressing the link below, when you make your donation, and after choosing PayPal or Credit Card payment, under the amount ( in the Add Note to Seller section), please provide the name of your Saint and the name or names that you would like to printed on the label that will be placed on the back of the icon. More than one icon can be ordered at the same time (with a donation of $40.00 per icon).

Please make sure you order your icons immediately so we could fill the pews and create an unbelievable atmosphere.  Although we are starting this initiative during the week of the Feast day of our Patronal Saints Constantine and Helen, this initiative will continue until our church opens, when you will also be able to pick up your icons. These icons will be blessed through liturgy for at least the next 40 days.

If you need to contact us for additional information or instructions use our email: helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca.

You may also place a note in an envelope with a cheque in the name of Greek Orthodox Community of West Island and place it in the mailbox at the church entrance.

If you prefer using conventional postal service you may send your donation by issuing a cheque to the Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

If you encounter a problem communicate with us via email: helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca