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Pythagoras Greek School

West Island of Montreal, 11 Jul 2024

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you of the situation of the school opening  and operation for the new school season 2024-2025

The School season will start on Saturday of Sept 7, 2024.

During the past School year (2023-2024), our Pythagoras School continued to operate successfully with a limited number of students (36-38) in our church basement hall.

There were 3 groups: Kindergarden, Grades 1-2-3, and Grades 4,5,6 with 4 teachers, One teacher is dedicated to help students who Greek language knowledge is limited to follow the normal group.

For the next school year 2023-2024, since we are not sure how many parents are willing to register their kids in our school, we will keep all options open, until we have a better view of the situation.

If the number of students are below 38, we will continue operating in the church basement. If the number of students are more, we will have to look for rental in public schools.

Knowing that even the school boards have not yet decided on the conditions regarding the operation of the schools, and not having any concrete information about the rental availabilities of schools in our area, and having carefully weighed in all possible options, the Community Council after consultation with the representative of the Parents’ Committee and the school Principal, have decided to leave all  options open and proceed with the pre-registration of the students of our Saturday school Pythagoras.

Naturally, this would depend on our being offered a school premises, on the number of students registered, and on the new measures that would have to be implemented in order to assure the safety of the children.

Our community school “Pythagoras” is very important to us as we are sure it is important to you.

It is the only place that allows us to teach our children about their Greek identity, the language of their parents and grant parents, the Orthodox religion and culture

It is imperative that parents preregister their children so that we are in a position to know whether to proceed with our Saturday school classes or not. In order to operate the school we need a definite number of 50 + students to ensure the financial viability of the school.

The parents who would like to preregister are kindly requested to fill the registration form attached herewith, include a check to the amount of $25.00 per student and mail it to the Greek Community of West Island (20 Blvd. Brunswick, Dollard-des-Ormeaux., P.Q, H9B 2N8, or they may pass by the office and deposit the above, or make the registration (by emailing it at helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca. subject SCHOOL) and payment online through PAYPAL using your PAYPAL account (if you have one) or using a credit card. Follow the instructions below.

The fees payment should be 50% of the fees during registration and the remaining 50% before Dec 1, 2023. Other payment methods can be discussed.

If you need any further information, please contact Christina Kamperidis at (514) 488-8082 or the office 514-684-6462

In the event of cancellation of the classes the deposit will be returned.

Looking forward to receiving your reply before August 31, 2024 so that we may know on how to proceed with the school.

Costas Calogeropoulos – President

Christina Kamperidis
Download and complete the REGISTRATION FORM


By pressing the “Donation” link below, when you make your payment and after choosing PayPal or Credit Card payment, under the amount,  in the “Add Note to Seller” section, please  indicate type: Payment for PYTHAGORAS SCHOOL and provide the name or names  of the kids, the parents name.

If you encounter a problem communicate with us via email: helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca

Our school operating since 1979, and is part of the vibrant Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

It has as a mission to teach our native language, our culture and our religion.

The Saturday Greek school holds classes once per week for 3 hours beginning in September and ending in June. The comprehensive curriculum includes speech, reading, writing, Greek history, Greek geography, mythology, and the Greek Orthodox religion.

Greek dancing lessons are also provided on a weekly basis as part of this rich curriculum is under consideration.

A 1st and 2nd year High School class, as well as a Greek class for beginners interested in learning the Greek language may also be offered in the near future. This year we have also a Greek class for adults, if there is a demand

The Greek lessons start on: Sept 07, 2024 at the church Basement Hall

Please register your children as soon as possible at our Church office.

For more info please contact our Church Office

School hours: Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

Pythagoras Greek School is holding classes at: TBA

Download and complete the REGISTRATION FORM

SCHOOL DAYS 2024-2025

Please consult teachers

For more Information please contact our Community by phone or email

Phone: 514-684-6462

E-mail: helleniccommunity@bellnet.ca