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Support our Community and Church

In order for the Greek Community of West Island to be able to promote our Greek culture, our family values and our faith, we need the support and involvement of all Greeks, the friends of the Greek Community and every individual who believes in our efforts

We ask  the financial support of every person and every Greek Business, especially in West Island and west of the island of Montreal.

By supporting financially our Community and Church you show that you care for:

  • The spiritual well-being of your family
  • The education of your children with the core values of our Orthodox faith
  • The growth of Orthodoxy and the dissemination of our spiritual values
  • The accessibility of our Community Centre and Church to our elderly population, to families with infants, and to persons with special needs.

Acquire a special place in the history of our Community.

Submit your donation towards the mortgage for the renovation and expansion of our Community Centre and Church and your name will be featured on a Wall Commemorative Plaque.

Your contribution will leave a permanent print in the history of the Greek Orthodox Community of West Island.

The commemorative plates are be displayed at in the Entrance hall of our Parish Church of Saints Constantine and Helen.

Personalized Commemorative Plaque Donation

A   $500-$2,000: Names engraved on SUPPORTERS category

B   $2,000-$5,000: Names engraved on the ASSOCIATES category

C   $5,000-10,000: Names engraved on the SPONSORS category

D   $10,000+: Names engraved on the BENEFACTORS category

Type of Donation:

  • With the collection trays that take place with every divine liturgy.
  • Donation through envelopes. The envelopes are available at the office. If you would like to receive a tax-receipt at the end of the year, obtain a box of envelopes and write the number that has been assigned to your name at the office. i.e. if your name has been asigned with number 42, write the number 42 on the envelope, for every envelope that you provide a donation. To obtain the number see the office secretary.
  • Donation by regular mail to the following address

Tax receipts are issued for all donation over $20.

Checks must be made to the order of: Greek Orthodox Community of West Island

Saints Constantine & Helen Church

Greek Orthodox Community of West Island

20 Brunwick Boul., DDO, Quebec,

H9B 2N8, Canada, (514) 684-6462