22 Mar 2020 – 1st Father Lambros message: Pray, do not lose hope and Faith

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Organizing the closure of the church and talks with the Archdiocese regarding the extraordinary events of the last days did not leave me with much time to send a message to all of you.

All I can say is not to lose hope and faith, to stay united with our families and remain collected, resilient, and committed to our loved ones and to the needs of our fellow human beings.

We can only save the cohesion of the fabric of our society at large, and of our community in our immediate concerns, by not giving in to fear and dark thoughts of despair and despondency.

This is a wonderful opportunity to recollect, to search within ourselves what is really worth preserving and caring for: our family, our children, our neighbours, our community. These are things worth living for, and worth our living for them and their preservation.

Let us find some time for prayer, for meditation, for thanksgiving to God for all the wonderful things he has given us and continues giving to all of us so generously, pray for our safety, our health, our hope that we will come out of this trial stronger than when we entered it.

Presbytera Christina joins me in my wishes, sharing them with all of you, and sends you her love and prayers.

The church must remain closed, but services will be held with closed doors without the participation of the faithful, with only the priest, the chanter and the sexton conducting them.

I encourage you to participate from your homes by watching the divine services in our Facebook site. We have arranged to have them transmitted so you may not feel deprived of essential services and prayers of the church for the safety of the whole world.

Get in touch with our church by connecting through the internet to “Greek Orthodox Community of West Island”

With Christ’s Love to all of you,
Father Lambros, Presbytera Christina