18 Oct 2020: New Church Attendance Restrictions

Dear Parishioners

The Health Authorities are restricting the faithful attendance in our church to maximum 25 persons. For now it seems that the persons who help and participate in the mass service are not included in the 25 persons.

Each one of us must understand that it will be not easy to not allow some persons to enter the church after the maximum capacity is reached, on first-come first served basis.

We recommend parishioners to attend the divine liturgy every 3 weeks, so that more parishioners can attend at least once every 2-3 weeks.

Please be polite to the volunteers and security personnel at the church entrance who’s responsibility is to follow the Health Authorities and Government Guidelines by controlling the allowed number persons inside the Church.

Persons who would like to just light a candle and leave, can enter one-at-a-time.

Persons who would like to have communion must wait outside (outside sound speaker is available to listen to the mass) until they are allowed to enter.

When memorial services are to be performed (mnimosyno or trisagio) we ask the family to limit the persons attendance to maximum 3 persons. It maybe possible to have a mnimosino on Saturday morning or after the Sunday mass, with only the family and relatives, but it must be arranged with Father Lambros.

Persons who attend a Mnimosyno service at 12 noon must wait outside or in their cars, until the church is empty, at which time they will be allowed in.

If the restrictions continue for more than two weeks, we may be scheduling attendance of parishioners on alternative days, so that more persons are given the chance to attend the mass and have communion.

All persons must wear a mask, disinfect their hands as they enter the church and provide their name and telephone number,

Please use exact change at the Candles counter, to limit hand exchanges of  money.

Refrain from kissing or touching icons and just bow in front of them

Once inside the church, sit one of the designated seats, keep wearing the mask, and ensure you maintain a distance of 2 m with any person around you.

Communion is given at the end of the divine liturgy. Those who would like to have communion, line-up for the side corridors (right & left), keeping distance marked on the floor and procced to have communion. Antidoro will be given by designated volunteers at church exit (Narthex Area).

While living the church maintain distance, avoid personal contact, chit-chatting and exit the church at once, so that others waiting outside are given the opportunity to come into the church for communion or to attend next memorial service

We will keep you posted

Thank you

Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church Direction